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Are you looking for a personal travel consultant/advisor that will do all the work putting your holiday together, so you don't have to?  Then you're in the right place.


There are a wide range of holiday products, destinations and travel companies to choose from.


"To travel is to live"


Talk to an expert!  


As a travel brand ambassador let me help you choose what's perfect for you, and l will help turn your holiday dreams into holiday reality!


I do not limit your choice, or favour a particular company's products - I sell what's best for you at prices you can afford.


I will take the time to listen to your requirements and will use my knowledge and experience to find the holiday that best meets your dreams.


I can meet clients on your terms, at your home, at your local coffee shop, at a time that suits you.

Being flexible I don't work normal office hours, so I am available for longer hours.



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As a Travel Brand Ambassador I have the knowledge/training to guide you to make the right choice.

CroGulet are the leading brokers of gulet hire around  the Mediterranean along the coastline of Croatia.


We have teamed up with them to bring you this luxury sailing opportunity.

for more information please contact us directly at or give us a call +44(0)7895268479

We also deal with cruise companies to create the best cruise itineries for you.

From ocean cruises to river cruises, to any destination.

Let us fulfill your dream.

Speak to our Brand Ambassador for more information.

Our Top 10 Tips for Safe Solo Travel 

1. Trust your intuition: if it doesn't feel right leave.

2. Know the typical con games of your destination.

3. Stay in public.

4.Where you are staying is personal information.

5. Stay alert.

6. Sleep Well.

7. Stay sober.

8. Walk with confidence.

9. Blend in as best as possible.

10. keep your belongings close.


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